Recognized service provider KMO Portefeuille

Based on an external audit we’ve been recognized as a service provider in two sections of the KMO-portefeuille, an initiative of the Flemish Government to support entrepreneurship and innovation in small medium enterprises in Flanders. Upon registration of your company at the KMO-portefeuille website, part of your costs for our advice and strategic advice can be recovered from the Flemish Agency for entrepeneurs.

Section advice

Any written advice starting at a cost of 90 €, to address a particular problem and based on a detailed study of the available possibilities, with a concrete suggestion on how to implement the advice within a company, is within the admit of this section. Within our array of services, government support from this section is available for:

  • patentability assessments
  • freedom-to-operate assessments
  • IP quality assurance pack
  • and the like

Our Certificate received the recognition number DV.A213386 and is valid from 09/06/2015 until 10/06/2020. Further information on this section and its conditions can be found at the website: