04 December 2017


A patent advisor (also known as a trainee patent attorney) has a higher education background in the relevant field, and based on work experience and under supervision of a Patent Attorney, assesses whether inventions are new and innovative and therefore eligible to be patented. The patent advisor position is very challenging and provides a unique opportunity to combine technical expertise with legal skills to deal with complex patent issues. You will be involved with different clients who are working on innovations, for example in the field of medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry and even engineering. He also assists the Patent Attorney, in guiding inventors or companies through the required process to obtain a patent and eventually in defending and enforcing the inventor’s right vis-à-vis third parties.


· Higher education (bachelor, master, PhD) in the relevant field.
· Good writing and communication skills
· Basic computer skills (Office, Mail, Drawing Programs)
· Experienced in studying and review of scientific literature
· Capable of performing a factual analysis with well-founded conclusion(s)
· Strong in the preparation of a written opinion / summary
· Discrete and able to handle confidential matter
· Well organized, with a strong sense of responsibility and committed to deliver
quality work.
· Work independent, be a team player and a quick learner
· Have an investigative mind and you are creative, client-focused, stress tolerant,
accurate and you have strong analytical skills.

Bart Laenen