Some ideas may be simple, that arise during everyday life, while others may be complex, resulting from years of research, experimentation and/or development.

Some ideas are merely interesting amusements, while other may open up a new field of technology and become valuable commercial developments.

What Kind of ideas can be protected

In Europe, as in most other countries, many ideas can be protected in one way or another, be it in the form of a patent, trademark, design, utility model,…; provided they meet the requirements of the corresponding law.

Ideas that cannot be protected by the statutory forms

  • Scientific Theorems or principles as such
  • Laws of Nature
  • Business Schemes as such
  • Ideas that were publicly disclosed

Ideas that can be protected

  • one you have developed yourself, or that is assigned to you
  • not publicly disclosed
  • appears to be novel it may be a good candidate for protecting!

In such instance, we encourage you to seek professional advice in safeguarding the Intellectual Property assets of you or your organization.

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